A Call for Breastfeeding Moms - Breastfeeding to the Rescue!

Typhoon Sendong hit the southern Philippines particularly Iligan City anc Cagayan de Oro City. Thousands of people have lost their homes, their things, and people have died. Most survivors are staying in evacuation centers.

Foods and things are already being donated by a lot of people, foundations, charities, and businesses, but these are mostly focused on adults and older kids. There are also babies in these evacuation centers. How can these babies eat? What if they lost their moms? What if they can't breastfeed? Or get milk from anywhere? They can not eat canned foods and other foods.

What role can we as a breastfeeding mom can do? Or even those who are not breastfeeding? We can help them by donating any of the following:

1. feeding cups
2. manual pumps to express milk from moms who are willing to donate in evacuation centers
3. storage bags for the collected milks
4. breastmilk

 Dra Jessa Sareno together with The Medela House are accepting donations. They have already sent out several items, but these are not enough as there is an entire shelter of orphaned babies who needs help. The Medela House will be accepting donations again after the holidays, collection will be open starting on December 27, you can contact them at 725-3723 or 738-6272 for more details on how to donate.


Other places in Metro Manila You can donate breastmilk (information from Daphne Osena-Paez's twitter feed)

  • Breastmilk Bank – 17 Green Grove Villa, Lantana Rd., Barangay Mariana, New Manila, QC (office of Kalusugan ng Mag-Ina, Inc)
  • In Manila, drop off for breastmilk UP-PGH Human Milk Bank, 4th Floor, Left Central Block (LCB) c/o Tina or Grace or the NICU Fellow.

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