Facebook Hibernation

I have decided to hibernate from Facebook for a couple more days. I have not visited my account since Saturday, and I'm doing pretty good avoiding it. Why hibernate? Well, not because I am bored with it. Facebook keeps me sane since I get to interact with family and friends who I seldom see. It keeps me sane because being at home most of time can sometimes makes you crazy :)

I decided to hibernate from it to make up for the lost time. Aside from, I want to spend as much time as possible with Jabe, playing with him, talking to him even if he doesn't talk yet, there are still a lot of things needed to be done. I need  focus on working on tons and tons of pending work. I do have a lot of work for different clients that needs to be done and it kept on piling, so have to do lots of it, so as it won't pile up anymore since new tasks are always added everyday. And there's also, the laundry piling up, clothes to be ironed, house to be cleaned. And I have to put up the Christmas tree sometime this week, I hope!!

Facebook, I will be back! Soon!

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3 Responses to “Facebook Hibernation”

  1. Same here. Because of facebook I also have lots of abandoned works. So goodbye facebook for me.

  2. just hibernating. i will be back soon :)

    discipline and time management is really needed :)

  3. Awesomely right! Frankly, my day wont complete if I haven't open my account :) . lol


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