Jabe @ 6 months: Share Your Blessings

My favorite quote of all time has always been:

"Share Your Blessings"

Jabe turned six months last November 30. Like the past 5 months, we bought him a cake and celebrated his 6th month birthday with the family.

Happy 6th month birthday JABE!
JABE and his cake
Jabe with Tatay & Nanay
 What makes it different this time around is that instead of eating out or ordering food to be delivered and enjoying it with the family, we decided to have the soft of opening of Jabentong Lugaw Atbp. With the soft opening, we gave out spaghetti & drinks to kids in the area as part of Jabe's celebration.
Signage infront
We were supposed to start giving out food at 4pm, but an hour or less before 4pm, there was already a line building up in front of the store. So my mom called us to go there already as they can't give out the food without Jabe. I had to wake Jabe up on the way to Jabentong Lugaw Atbp so he can see the line of kids waiting for him or well, the food.

Here is Jabe who just woke up at the counter of Jabentong
Jabe waiting
Serving the food to the kids:
Spaghetti & drinks for the kids
Line of kids waiting for their turn:

We only planned to give out 100 servings of spaghetti and drinks, but the line of kids was too long that in a matter of 30 minutes, we already run out of cups which means we have already given the 100 servings. Good thing we prepared a lot of spaghetti & drinks, we had to buy another set of cups at the nearby convenience store to accommodate the other kids still waiting for their turn. Line is still building up, well, some kids decided to go back in line with the hope that they can get another serving :) We also gave out candies to the kids. Food run out and, I think, we were able to give out 200 or more servings. We had to prepare another batch but had to tell the kids (since most have already got one serving) that there is no more food. Even so, the kids still fall in line. Just to break the line and to convince them that there will be no more food to be given out (well, not at that time!), my husband threw a lot of coins for the kids to collect. The line broke out and some of the kids already went home after getting some coins. But there are around 10 kids who stand by.

For the second batch of food, it can only be served to less than 50 people, we decided to eat some of it already. The whole family and the staff had merienda of, of course, spaghetti! :)

We placed the remaining spaghetti in small plastic cups, and just gave those to kids who pass by the store.

It was really a great feeling being able to make kids happy in our own little way. The kids didn't mind that they have to fall in line and wait for their turn. What matters to them is that they can get one and eat!

And the Happy Jabe for the great turn out for his 6th month birthday celebration:

I know that at his age, he still doesn't understand what really is going on, what is the purpose of celebrating his monthly birthday leading to his first year, what is the purpose of giving out foods, what is the meaning of "share your blessings". But in time, he'll be able to understand all of it. And I hope that like us, (his tatay, me, his grandparents, titos & titas, & cousins), Jabe would also have it in his mind and his heart to help and share the blessings coming his way to people in need in his own little way without expecting anything in return. It need not be a lavish one, a simple one that comes from the bottom of his heart and with all sincerity and love.

Because of this, I plan to have another one by the end of December, it would be a quadruple celebration. My birthday (which is on the 18th), Christmas day, Jabe's 7th month and New Year. This time I hope that we would be able to serve food not only to the kids but as well to the adults. And I also hope to give out school supplies or simple gifts to the kids, while for the adults maybe a little of everything (canned goods, rice, etc). But for now, I am sticking with the food idea until I come up with the funds for the gifts.

Extra note: A simple plugging as well, if you, my dear friend & reader, would also love to give something or donate something so I can make this quadruple celebration come true, please do contact me. Thanks!

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  1. wow,admire you and the family for doing that. I'm sure more blessings will come to you. Happy 6months to your son.


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