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Despite all the open contracts that my Odesk profile shows, it always make me happy to receive interview invitations at Odesk. I always try to answer each and every invitation as customized as possible depending on the clients needs and requirements. Yesterday, I got another two interviews, upon checking, one was a fixed-price project wherein I am being inviting along with 10 more contractors, while the hourly project, I am the only one who got invited. I answered both, and was happy to share that the I got the hourly project, just 20 minutes after sending my reply. Now I have to start working on it, since I asked her for few hours of sleep before I start working on it and have to get some more clarifications on her instructions. I am happy to get new contracts from time to time, hourly or fized, it doesn't matter. it is additional work, additional client, additional client turned to friend, and additional funds for me as well.

Happy for the new contract! And more to have soon! Thanks Lord for these blessings.

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5 Responses to “New Odesk Contract”

  1. I always been wanted to get hired but I never pursue cause I am afraid to get rejected, happy for you

  2. Congrats!!

    Have a Happy Christmas and a prosperous & blissful 2012!

    Gra & Yza

  3. That's great! Do your best. =)

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and have a happy new year ahead.

    Holiday Post, Part II: Season of Smiles

  4. we always categorize mommies who stay at home "house wife" but actually, we could do a lot of things inside our homes without being guilty of being away from our just happy for your own milestoes mommy liv..may you have more offers and interviews to come :)

  5. I try but I don't have confidence enough to get project from it. Hope your post about odesk, give me more confidence! ^^

    Love to learn from you, dear


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