Rockin’ Party Supplier Feedback: Fotostyle

Photobooth is one of the most popular souvenirs in every party, whether it be a wedding, debut, baptism and birthdays. During Jabe’s baptism, I didn’t opt to get a photobooth, but this time, for his 1st Birthday Party, we decided to hire one, so the guests can have additional souvenir or remembrance apart from the memories, prizes and lootbags they will be bringing home.

We got Fotostyle. The reasons why we got them:
  1. They are the only photobooth supplier that is accredited to our chosen venue (if I get a not accredited supplier, I will be charged with electricity fee)
  2. I got to see their sample print-out during the Grand Food Tasting at Casa Camba and I can say I like the quality of the print
  3. Their packages are really affordable
  4. They are easy to transact with
I got their Package C which is worth Php6,500. This package includes the following:
  • Personalized photo layout
  • Unlimited prints in 4R for four hours (stop time is not included)
  • All prints with photo stand OR double prints <---- I chose the double prints
  • High Resolution Soft Copies in DVD CD <---- I got this one right after the party! 
  • One Onsite technician <--- they were two during the party
  • Crazy props
  • Generic PIC Me Backdrop
To block the date, I was only asked to deposit Php 1,000 pesos.

The layout they designed was patterned to the party invitation I sent them.  Though I had a little problem with this, since they only sent the layout 6 days before the party and that is after  asking for an update twice. Anyways, the layout was very neat, and just the way I wanted it.

Our guests had fun in going back and forth to the photobooth station.  
You can see the photos at their Facebook Account  ( JABE, Jalysa & Ayie )

Get in touch with Fotostyle for your photobooth needs. :) You won’t be sorry in getting them. I assure you that your guests will have a blast.

Odesk Milestone: 12,000 Working Hours

Another milestone and goal reached!

I was supposed to write a series of blog posts as supplier ratings for my son, Jabe's 1st birthday party. But I can't help but write this one first :)

Six months and eleven days since my post about my Odesk Milestone: 10,000 Working Hours (dated 05 December 2012) and also three months and six days since my post about my Odesk Milestone: 11,000 Working Hours (dated 10 March 2012). And now I am here, happily posting and sharing that I have reached my goal of 12,000 Working Hours (tracked hours only!)

Again, I am grateful
- to the trust that my clients have given me
- to all the work and tasks
- to all the seminars, tutorials, learnings
- of course, to Odesk for the opportunities!

in general, to all the blessings I have been and continuously receiving!

Next target, 13,000 Working Hours (Tracked hours through Odesk timer) by October 2012

Need my services? See my oDesk profile now and hire me!

Interested to earn and work at home? Join Odesk now!

Need help on how to start? Or want to be part of my team? Just drop me a line. :)

Simple Celebration for the Birthday Boy

Jabe turned one on May 31. It is a Thursday, and his party is scheduled on a Saturday.

We had a mini and simple celebration for his birthday.

We had cake, empanada, chicken, and of course, pancit for long life. :)

Jabe's mini celebration

the birthday boy JABE

with Auntie Jalysa, Kuya Micko, Ate Skylah & Kuya Brent

with JABE
Our birthday wish for Jabe is for him to always be healthy, to be a good, lovable and smart boy, that he knows how to respect other people, and of course for him to be a God-fearing person.

Happy Birthday to our not-so-little angel JABE :) We love you much!

Jabe's 11 Months Birthday Cake

May 31, 2012 at exactly 2:50 am when I gave birth to my son, Jose Ariel Benedicto Reyes-Emeterio at Manila Doctor's Hospital.

Jabe's first photo

He is our angel in disguise. Ever since he came into our lives, life has been great! Blessings were continuously pouring. We can't ask for more except for good health for Jabe.

As our way of saying thanks, we celebrate his monthly birthday through a simple celebration.I didn't let his monthly birthday pass by without buying a cake for him.

Below are the past 11 months birthday cakes of Jabe :)

1st month - Frozen Brazo de Mercedes from Muzo

2nd month - cake from Swirls N' Sprinkles

3rd month - cake from Red Ribbon
4th month - Mango Bravo cake from Contis
5th month - cake from Red Ribbon
6th month - cake from Purple Oven
7th month - sansrival cake from Red Ribbon
8th month - cake from Cab Cafe
9th month - cake from Purple Oven
10th month - cake from Cab Cafe

11th month - cake from Red Ribbon

Jabe: The Tiny Tots Baby

We came across Tiny Tots shop at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar last November. We were so fascinated with the designs and captions in their onesies and shirts, that we bought Jabe his first three TinyTots onesie. We chose the onesies with the tuxedo design, with the “I make noise” caption, and also the “I am not pooping , I am just thinking hard” onesie.

Jabe used the tuxedo design last Christmas. The “I make noise” last New Year’s Eve. And the other one when we went shopping.
Jabe at Christmas Day wearing the Tuxedo Designed Onesie

New Year's Eve, Jabe wearing "I bring Noise" onesie
Jabe received a Tiny Tots onesie with the caption “My sexy Tita gave this shirt” given by one of his Ninangs.

Then come Expo Kid last March, we again went to Rockwell Tent to go and buy another set of Tiny Tots onesies for Jabe. This time, his dad bought him six onesies. With the following captions, “Mana sa Lolo Guapo”, “My mom and dad rocks”, “Future heartbreaker”, “Daddy and I agree: Mommy is the boss”, “ Smart like Daddy! Cute like Mommy”, and also the red tuxedo design.

TinyTots sometimes conduct online sales wherein most of the items are on a discounted rate of as much as 70%. During one of the sales, I was able to buy Jabe the following: a onesie with the caption “I’m perfect, my mom’s perfect and dad is…around here SOMEWHERE!!”, pants and a shirt with tuxedo design, a diaper pocket for me, and also bought the “Rockstar in Training” onesie for my nephew Chrian.

Jabe wearing the pants and tuxedo-designed shirt at his pre-birthday shoot
Our last purchase was during the Expo Mom event at Rockwell Tent last April, I bought 4 shirts for Jabe, with the following caption: “Handsome just like Daddy, “Daddy knows a lot, but Mommy knows everything”, “Watch out here comes trouble”, and also “Good looks run in the family, I got mine from my Lolo & Lola”, and bought also one piece of the Bandana Bib.

We are fond of statement shirts that is why we love Tiny Tots! I look forward to buying more TinyTots shirts for Jabe :)

Jabe's collection of Tiny Tots onesies and shirts
 Aside from the onesies and shirts, Tiny Tots also have different products and items that are good for moms & babies. Check out their Facebook page: Tiny Tots

Nyumi Child Seat

Having a baby or toddler in the house requires you to have different pieces of furniture. When the baby hits 6 months and ready to be introduced to solid foods, one thing that always comes to mind (aside from food) is do you need to buy a high chair?

In my case, Jabe was introduced to solid foods as early as his second month, he learned how to sit by himself without support when he was 4 months old, he sits on a chair without support whenever we eat, so I decided that I don't need a high chair. But as days pass by, he can't seem to stay in one place for a long time, he is very fidgety, he loves to move around, making it impossible for us to feed him while sitting on an adult chair. Thus, we looked around for a high chair, to my dismay, the cheapest one I saw was around 4,000pesos, and the design and the material is not too sturdy. The best ones  ranges from 8,000 - 15,000pesos, which is way too expensive! There is also the portable seat that you can strap on the seat but also cost around 3,000pesos. High chair being a bit expensive is the reason why we didn't buy one for him. 

I decided to just buy him the Nyumi Child Seat - travel high chair. At first, I was a bit hesitant on buying it, thinking that Jabe might fall if I put him on it. But as with all baby things, adult supervision is really important.

Bought the Nyumi Child Seat at Momtrepreneur Shangri-la (or you can also order them online through their FB page).

Jabe in his Nyumi high chair

Jabe has been using his Nyumi travel high chair at home and sometimes to restaurants where high chairs are not available so I make it a point to bring it with me anywhere we go.

Its 4 ties and 2 harness makes it very safe. (again, adult supervision is still required!) It can be strapped to any type of chair, we have used it to a wooden chair, monoblock chair, tiffany chair, etc. It is easy to carry, fits in my bag. It is washable as it is made of fabric.

But the downside of this is Jabe can't reach the table top, making it impossible for him to eat by himself unless we buy him a small table that he could use while eating or ask someone to make him a wooden chair that we can just place above the adult chair and have the Nyumi travel high chair strapped on it.

Mommy & Me Event

This is a late post about Rustan's & Chicco Philippines' Mommy & Me Event last May 20 at Rustan's Shangri-la. The event was a 2-day event, one was held last May 19 at Rustan's Makati. I attended the one at Shangri-la.

With me was, of course, my son Jabe, and my two sisters.

Chicco backdrop

Chicco baby items
It was great for Chicco to set-up a play area with lots of toys for babies and kids to keep them busy while we, the parents, are listening to the talk.

play area where Jabe spent most of his time, good thing his friend Noa arrived
Main speaker was Nanay Nona who is one of the founders of Breastfeeding Philippines, and definitely the person whom you can turn to when you have problems and issues about breastfeeding. I was surprised to learn a lot from her talk, though I was not able to fully grasp everything because I had to attend to Jabe from time to time. If you need to learn more about breastfeeding, you can enroll at Nanay Nona's online course (here is the link

She also did a demo on how to use the malong for babywearing, some massage techniques,

Nanay Nona discussing breastfeeding, use of malong

In honor of all the mothers who are present at the event, Chicco gave out a single rose to each mom. :) 

roses from Chicco

Thank you to Ms Julie for the freebies :)

freebies :)
Thank you Chicco for this wonderful event. I look forward to attending more events for moms and kids.

For more info on Chicco products, please head on to the Chicco Philippines Facebook Page.

Last Day of Swim Class

Today is Jabe's last day of swim class under the Bert Lozada Swimming School at Ace Water Plaza. As in my previous post, he was enrolled in the My Baby and Me Class Level 1 (Water Explorer) - Starfish.

JABE's certificate
full name is incomplete :(

Jabe's Progress Report Card

The 8-day class is focused on not only making the kids feel comfortable in the water but also to develop their socio-emotional and cognitive skills. Jabe slowly progresses during his 8-day class. His ratings started from the lowest rating that can be given but ended with a lot of STARS (highest ratings).

For his socio-emotional skills
- he is now more comfortable swimming with other adults such as his teachers
- he does not cry every time his teacher gets him from me as compared to the first 2 sessions wherein he was crying or just in his usual poker face expression
- he now loves to play in the water most especially if he is given toys

For his cognitive skills
- he, of course, loves the toys they have at the pool. he totally loves throwing them.
- whenever asked to shoot the ball in the basket, at first he just holds on to it, but now, he can shoot it at the basket with same colored balls
- he recognizes his teacher's voice whenever he is being called. he not only turns to look at who is calling him but he also gives them his sweet smile
- he is now very noisy, he babbles, giggles and shrieks. joins in the songs. but he still hates "bye byes"

For his swimming milestones
- no crying when left with his teacher
- sits on the pool ledge and does not jump
- loves splashing in the water
- does not cry everytime water is poured from back of the head to his face.

- can now float on his back (with assistance) on a more relaxed position, it is like he's just lying on his bed, he's not raising his head anymore or pushing himself up.
- loves the side lying position and the hug position, most especially when he has to go and get the balls/toys at the other side.

- can sit/move/crawl and cross the "magic carpet" (floating mat) provided that there are toys at the end of the mat (with assistance)
- he can now hold at the pool ledge much longer

- he is lazy when told to kick his legs hehehe . . . if asked to kick his legs, he just look at his teacher, smile and imitates teacher while counting 1 to 10
- holds at the pool ledge much longer but too lazy to move from one end to the other, need to assist or tell him to do so, unless he sees the toys at the other end

Today, officially starts his 3-week break. Next class will start on June 18.

He's promoted to Level 2 - Puffers. Yey! So happy that he did not need to repeat Level 1. Congrats baby, keep it up! :)

We would like to thank his teachers, Teacher Mariel, Teacher Lui, and Teacher Juls for being great teachers!

Rustan's Mother's Day Event- May 19 and 20

 Join Chicco and Rustan Department Stores, Mother's Day 2012 Event on May 19 at Rustan's Makati and May 20 at Rustan's Shangri-la.

What to expect in the event?
- Motherhood talk: Joys of Pregnanyc, Child Birth and Breastfeeding at 2:00pm
- Baby Care Talk: Caring for your Chld at 3:30pm
- Free snacks
- Freebies
- Raffle Games
- Prizes
- More surprises

Registration starts at 12:00pm

Kids and babies are very much welcome, they can spend their time in the free play area.

How to join?

- Starting May 1 to 20, get a Free Mom Pass for a minimum purchase of Php 500 worth of Chicco items at Rustan's. 
- One Mom Pass is valid for 2 persons and for 1 event schedule only. 

Pre-Birthday Shoot with Shutter Count

For Jabe, Jalysa & Ayie’s Rockin’ Party this June 2. I decided to get the photo and video services of Shutter Count Photography.

We scheduled the pre-birthday shoot last April 22 at the Ninony Aquino Parks and Wildlife. Michelle and Benjie of Shutter Count was really a great couple to work with. They are extremely great! 

Below are some of the photos from the pre-birthday shoot.

So if you are looking for photo and video services to cover your events, whether it be christening, birthday, weddings, etc, check out ShutterCount Photography! Their packages are affordable. Quality and workmanship is really great. Visit their website or their Facebook page.

Now, I am totally excited to see the photos and videos that they will be getting during the party on June.

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