January 2012

Hump Day $50 Giveaway - 02/01

Hump Day $50 Giveaway
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Dream Family Getaway

We love traveling and seeing different places. Now that we already have Jabe, we wanted to be able to travel and explore different places more so that Jabe can be able to see the world. Probably one of my dream family getaway is Orlando, Florida! And I would definitely love to go to Disney World. If given the chance, it would all be our first time to visit not just Disney World and Florida but as well the United States.

This dream, I know will soon come true. But for some, who are also dreaming to go there and that dream is already within reach, have you already tried to plan your itinerary and also look for the best accommodation in the area? For your itinerary, some of the things you might to visit are Lego Land (hubby would definitely love this!),  Discovery Cove, Busch Garden, the Old Town, the Wonderworks, and so much more..

For accommodation, vacation packages and hotel deals for families from different Orlando Hotels are now being offered through the internet through Orlandoescape.com. Visit their site for the best deals ever or like their Facebook page to get updated on their latest offerings and also get to know the best things to do in Orlando!

Happy planning and I do hope that you will enjoy your vacation, coz I am sure that whenever that dream of mine is already a reality, we would be having one hell of a vacation!

Driver's License Renewal

My driver's license expiration date was last 18 December 2011. But due to a jampacked schedule for the holidays I have to delay my application for renewal.

Last 17 January, a day it will celebrate its first month of expiration, Ayie accompanied me to have it renewed. Instead of going to the LTO Offices where all transactions are being processed, we went to the LTO Drivers License Renewal Center located at SM Hypermart in Tiendesitas. There are two rooms: one is the renewal center and the other room is for the drug testing center.

Things to bring when renewing your license:

  1.  Old / Expired Driver's License
  2. OR (Official Receipt) of your Expired Driver's License (sometimes they ask for this one)
  3. Ballpen - you will be filling up a lot of forms, so have with you instead of looking or buying a new one.
  4. Cash - bring enough around Php 1500 

Steps for Drivers License Renewal

Step 1 - Show your old / expired Drivers License at the Window 1 of the Renewal Center.
The staff wil give you an application form that you need to fill up

Step 2a - Give your filled-up application form together with your old / expired license at the Window 1 of the Drug Testing Center

Step 2b - Pay the drug test fee
      Urine Test              --  Php 300.00
      Medical Check up --  Php 100.00

Step 2c - After paying you will be given another form to fill up.It is the drug test consent form. Fill this up again and submit it to Window 2 of the Drug Testing Center
You will be asked to write your name and the current date on two separate strips of masking tape. You will be given a bottle for your pee. Reminder: you need to make sure that it is full. Drink lots of water prior to going to the renewal center so you will have the urge to pee in time for this test
Submit the bottle to Window 2 and wait for your name to be called.

Step 2d - Your name will be called the photo capturing and fingerprint scanning.

Step 2e - Last step for the medical and drug test would be, they would take your blood pressure, eye test, and check your weight. I didn't took the eye test since I told them I am wearing contact lenses and prescription glasses every time I drive.

Step 2f - Wait for your documents which would consist of the Application Form, Old Driver's License and the Medical / Drug Test Result

Step 3 - Submit the documents to Window 1 of the Renewal Center and wait for your name to be called.

Step 4 - Photo Capturing
If your name is called for the photo and signature capturing, proceed to Window 2. That only means that you don't have any apprehension records, and you name is clean. If they found an apprehension record, your name will be called back at Window 1, and you will be told to proceed to LTO Main Office or MMDA Office, I think.

Step 5 - Payment
Wait for your name to be called again while they process your drivers license. Breakdown of fees based on what I paid (almost a month of expiration)
     License Fee    - Php 350.00
     Penalty Fee     - Php    75.00
     Computer Fee - Php 67.63

Step 6 - Wait for you Driver's License
Your name will be called and they will give you your Drivers License and the Original Receipt.

It took me less than 30 minutes to renew my license. Good thing there are already Renewal Centers, if not, one would have to wait for more than an hour renewing a license at the LTO Office.

Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel Experience - Part 4

Continuation and last part, Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel Experience - Part 3

14th Floor is much better as compared to the 18th and 19th floor, its much newer. Room 1436 is also much better as compared to Room 1803. King size bed, bedsheet is newer and no stains, TV was LCD, carpeting is not that old, bathroom does not have mildews, molds and rust, bath towels are white, there was a bathrobe, slippers, refrigerator is working, airconditioning is a lot better, curtains and carpets are fine though dusty. I settled for this one. Jabe was rolling and rolling at the bed until he got tired and fell asleep.

Ayie arrived around 6pm. He took a shower, and we left to go to Robinson's to buy Jabe a life vest.

Bathtub drain is not working properly :( it took ages before the water is fully drained.

Breakfast was included in the package. It is at the Seasons Cafe at the ground floor. Breakfast is served from 6:00am up to 9:00am. With our experience from other hotels, food during breakfast buffet are complete until the end of breakfast time. We woke up around 7:00am, got dressed, went downstairs around 7:30am. We were greeted by the staff and was ushered to a non-smoking area. We asked for a high-chair for Jabe which was immediately given to us. 

Ayie told me to get food first. I looked through the buffet area. Looked at the different food. They have an area full of bread and pastries, soup (mami and congee), salad bar, fruits, cereals, japanese maki and sushi, rice (plain and garlic rice), chicken, beef, pork, egg station. As my usual routine, I always start with soup and salad, but since I don't like mami or congee, I went to the salad bar. Salad bar with no green vegetables such as lettuce, they only have corn kernels, bacon bits, eggs, coleslaw, etc. Salad dressing is also empty. I just told myself to get a bread, cheese, and butter for me and hard-boiled egg for Jabe. 

Jabe had egg yolk (hard boiled), and I ate my bread, butter and cheese, while Ayie went to get his food. He came back with just a cup of rice and I think, a piece of chicken. With a frown on his face told me that there is no more food. I told him to wait maybe they will refill the food. We then asked for hot tea, and they gave us a very cold tea :( . We just get an orange juice which was not cold, we had to ask for a glass of ice. We ate and decided to see if there were food that has already been refilled. Ayie got his wish because there were tons of deep-fried bacon, I didn't have my wish granted because the salad was not replenished at all. While eating, Ayie asked for water from the waiter, around 10 minutes had passed and our drinking water has not yet arrived. He asked for the second time, still no water. The third time, no water. The fourth time, finally!! 

We went back to our room, took a shower, fix our things so we can check-out early. Jabe went back to sleep after taking a bath. I made use of his sleeping time to fix our things. As soon as he woke up, we asked for an assistance to get our things as we are ready to check-out. Bellboy arrived in less than 10 minutes.

Ayie went to the reception area to pay for our room fee. Room was worth Php 3,450 with the breakfast. Bellboy and valet guy assisted us, they placed our things inside the car.  And off we went to Pandacan Fiesta.

In conclusion, based on our experience, I am not recommending this hotel. 

If only they would totally renovate the entire hotel, teach their staff not to discriminate locals from foreign tourists, give excellent service, it would be a great hotel because of its location.
If you are looking for a hotel within this area, consider the following:
-- If your hotel budget per night is 3,500 pesos and below, book at the nearby City Garden Hotel, it may be a 3-star hotel but service, room, and breakfast is way better than Manila Pavilion. Booked and stayed here for 3 days and 2 nights last July 2011
-- If you have a higher budget or want a hotel with a casino, go for Hyatt Hotel Manila.
Waterfront Manila Pavilion is unlike the other Waterfront hotels, it does not boast of the grandeur, the elegance, the fine accommodation, the friendly staff, the great service, the great food that a 4-star, 1st class hotel is expected to have.

Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel Experience - Part 3

Continuing with my previous post, Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel Experience - Part 2

With Jabe asleep, I proceeded to the elevator, pushed 18, and finally the elevator door opened on the 18th floor. Carpeting was really bad, it was already old and gray in color. The hallway was a bit dark and smelled old, maybe because of the carpets. 

We reached room 1803, opened the door and was greeted with a very bad odor! The room was really shabby, old, outdated, smells bad. Same with the bathroom which has mildews, molds, and a rusty faucet and shower head. The television was a very old TV. Bedsheet has stains and doesn't smell good. Bath towels are thin and colored dirty white. No bathrobe. No complimentary slippers. Airconditioning was not working. Lampshades, chair, TV rack are really really old, seems like if you someone tries to hold them, they would just fall apart. I put Jabe down on the bed, good thing I have brought a mini blanket with me that I had to place on the bed before letting Jabe lie down. I called Ayie to let him know that we are already at the room, and told him that it's ok but I am not happy with it. After talking to him, Jabe woke up and was his usual bubbly self and didn't mind the bad odor, he's just happy he's not home and he is in a different place. I sent a text message to Ayie to tell him to ask for a room transfer as soon as he arrives. We stayed for 10 more minutes, but I really can't stand the smell and the look of the room, I feel like I am not in a 4-star hotel, 1-star hotels or even transient rooms are way better than the room we are in. It's like you just entered a warp zone the moment you stepped out of the elevator and most of all entered the room. I called the reception and asked to be transferred because the smell is really getting to me, and the smell might cause an asthma attack. I was told to wait for 30 minutes so they can have the other room to be cleaned.

I can't take the smell and decided that we'll just wait at the lobby. I returned the keycard and told them we'll stay at the lobby while waiting. A bellboy approached me, told me that he already have the keycard for our replacement room and he'll accompany us upstairs. I told him that I was really frustrated with the room they gave us, that it doesn't measure to a 4-star hotel and also to Waterfront Cebu. He was friendly (named Jaypee) and we were chatting until we reached the 19th floor. Room was 1905. On the way to the room, we saw two old Japanese guys, we walked pass through them until we reach room 1905. Jaypee, the bellboy, slid the keycard, opened the door and was surprised to what he saw inside the room, told me not to come in, and said "Ma'm, may gamit na, may tao na ata, may naka-chek-in na dito". And immediately, one of the Japanese guys approached us and said something in Japanese, I can't understand anything but based on his reactions, I assumed he was the one who is checked-in at that room. I just told him, "sorry, the reception gave us a wrong keycard". We went back at the lobby, I told Jaypee that I am really pissed and to handle it, I don't want to get totally mad infront of Jabe. He apologized for the mix up and I told him it is not your fault. 

The receptionist saw me, Jaypee told him what had just happened, and they just stared blank, and didn't even apologized to me. Arrgghh....good thing I am not in the mood for a confrontation, most especially if Jabe is with me. After 10 minutes, Jaypee told me that the new room is ready. He said that he asked for an upgrade from Superior to Deluxe King in exchange of all the hassle that they have given us. It was granted and we were given Room 1436.

Room 1436............

and continuation will be on my next post

Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel Experience - Part 2

In continuation with my first post, Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel Experience - Part 1

and as a response to the question "Why on earth is Liv copying and stating these bad reviews?"

Same with all hotels, check-in time is 2:00pm, since we already done with Jabe's check-up and vaccination before 12noon, I decided to go to Robinson's Ermita to buy some stuff we need for our Bolinao trip the following week (which I hope I could make a blog post!). 

Around 2:00pm, Jabe and I went to the hotel. We were greeted nicely at the front door. We went straight to the Reception area where there were 3 hotel staff (2 females and 1 male), the male and one female was talking to different clients, the other one was not doing anything, but what she did was just look at me and did nothing. I told her that I am going to check-in and she ignored me as if I wasn't there. Jabe was already fussy at the time because he was already sleepy so I just let the bad treatment pass and just wait. When the male staff was done with the guest he was attending to, he asked me what I need. I told him that I am there to check-in and I do have a reservation. I gave the email print-out. He asked if my husband is around since the room is under his name, I told the staff that we have requested the hotel to accommodate me and Jabe since Ayie will be arriving late in the afternoon, and told him that the email had that request. He then told me to tell Ayie to stop by the reception area as soon as he arrive for credit card verification. Then, he checked for an available room.

Our reservation is Superior King, so that was what I am expecting to get, but he told me that there is no more Superior King room available that day, and asked me if it is fine with me that he will transfer me to a Superior Twin or Superior Queen, which is a downgrade from my reservation. I can't understand why accept my reservation if they won't be having one at that day especially when I arrive early. I'm already getting pissed but told myself to calm down. I told him that Twin is not fine as I have my baby with me and he might fall if I get a smaller bed. Jabe was already sleeping on my shoulders (I am carrying him the whole time!) while we talk, and since I am tired and a bit irritated, I told him I'll just get the Superior Queen. He typed something in his computer and said "Ay wala na rin pala", then I told him "What?", and he said "Ma'am, wait I'll just find one for you". It took him around 15-20 minutes, I don't know if he is typing or looking for a room or simply staring at the computer screen. 20 minutes, he finally gave me a keycard, Room 1803. I then told him I don't need a bellboy to assist me since I don't have much things with me as I only have Jabe's diaper bag and some items that I bought at the mall.

With Jabe asleep, I proceeded to the elevator, pushed 18, and finally the elevator door opened on the 18th floor.....

and continuation will be on my next post

Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel Experience - Part 1

This is a one week overdue post :(

For the past year, my only indulgence was to check-in in a hotel, spend the night and relax. In celebration of our second civil wedding anniversary last January 18 which is a Wednesday, we decided to check-in at the Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel last weekend 14-15 January 2012.

We chose Manila Pavilion Hotel for several reasons.
- 1st, Jabe's vaccination and monthly check-up at Manila Doctor's Hospital was scheduled last January 14 and the hotel is beside the hospital
- 2nd, Sto Nino Fiesta at Pandacan was last January 15 - a few minutes drive from the hotel
- 3rd, it is Waterfront, and Waterfront hotels has an excellent reputation

- 4th, they have a 7-days advance booking promo

I booked a room, Superior King with breakfast, online last January 6. It was a hassle-free transaction as I got the confirmation right away. A day before our check-in date, January 13, I sent an email (using Ayie's email at name) to the hotel requesting that they accommodate me and Jabe in checking-in since Ayie would be arriving late. Response was really fast that they have noted my request. So, I printed the confirmation email as well as the request. That night, while packing out things, I decided to check and read some reviews about the hotel, and to my disgust, there are tons of bad reviews.

To name a few: ( I got these reviews from TripAdvisor.com )

2 of 5 stars Reviewed December 28, 2011

This hotel is convenient for guests who are planning to gamble all night long and will need to rest just for a short time. The rooms are outdated and the bathrooms are not that clean. The shower head had a limey green stuff around it and water doesn't go down in the tub when you take a shower. The TV wasn't working and the insulation around the room is terrible that you can hear conversations of your neighbors pretty well. Our comforter had dried stain on it. Our stay wasn't pleasant at all that we had to check out first thing the next morning.
This hotel needs renovation. It's location is good and it could attract more guests if it's kept clean and maintained well. 

1 of 5 stars Reviewed December 19, 2011

".....we arrived at a not so late time of 1230 pm for lunch, and most food items have already been depleted. Hoping for replenishments is a futile exercise as replenishments never came and if it did then it came towards the end of the buffet service.

The grill items ran out of stock, the plates near the grill station were empty. the roast which was roast pig again was already bones (even the eyes were gouged out already). My companion ordered a grilled item and it came to our table when we were having dessert......"

2 of 5 stars Reviewed December 4, 2011
"I stayed there for three nights and was disappointed with the condition of the bathroom and the carpeted floors. There was mold on the bathroom tiles and stains on the carpet as well as the bedspread........."

2 of 5 stars Reviewed November 14, 2011 
"......once you get to the floor where your room is situated this all changes. The floor carpets in the hallway are dirty. The room carpet is dirty. The TV is so old I was looking for a rotating channel nob. The interior smells musty. The bathroom is dim and dirty. Towels are tiny and sparse. The bed felt like a slab of lightly cushioned plywood covered with a sheet. ...."
You may be wondering, "Why on earth is Liv copying and stating these bad reviews?" . . . Read on my next post to know the reason why.

Hump Day Giveaway - 1/18

Hump Day $50 Giveaway

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Vaccine Saturday

I can not forget the Saturday when I was the one who held Jabe during his monthly vaccination.

Last Saturday, 14th of January was Jabe's schedule for his 3rd dose of HepB vaccine. Unfortunately, his father has to go to Bicol for a business trip the day before and will only be back afternoon of Saturday. We usually schedule Jabe's check-ups and vaccinations on a Saturday so that Ayie will be there with us. But since I don't want Jabe to miss his scheduled vaccine and check-up, I decided to just go and bring Jabe to his pedia alone. I was already set to commute from Pasig to Manila. Good thing, my mom told me that they will just pick us up and drop us at the hospital since they will be going to Quiapo early in the morning.

We arrived at the hospital around 9am. Went to Dra Morales' clinic at the 2nd floor of Manila Doctors, gave Jabe's baby book to her assistant. Jabe was weighed and he only gained 0.2 kg, minimal gain, and that is is lowest weight gain so far, but I was told it was because he might be totally active these days, Well, he is!! . . .His length was measured, and he got taller by 2 cm hahaha! At least, it was 2cm as compared to the previous month of 1 cm! :) . . . We were told that we are number 1 yey! third time number 1!

But since the pedia always does her rounds first before going to her clinic, we had to wait for 10am. I decided to have breakfast at a nearby restaurant. I ordered spaghetti carbonara and small coke for me, and squash soup for Jabe. Jabe and I still have an hour so I ate leisurely. We went back to the hospital at exactly 10am, the pedia is not yet done with her rounds so we are not late. We still have to wait for 30 more minutes :( Jabe already fell asleep waiting.

While waiting, my heart was really beating so fast. I am totally nervous. I am afraid of needles, of injections! This is the first time that I would be the one with Jabe while the vaccine is being administered, as I usually stay at the back and let Ayie hold him. We were then called, this is it!! The usual drill, asked how was Jabe, if he is eating a lot, if he is active, if he can already stand and sit by himself while holding on to something, if Jabe is already trying to stand alone, if he is trying to walk. Scheduled the next monthly check-up on February 11 and jabe will be given MMR.  Jabe's pedia is a breastfeeding advocate so she is really happy everytime I tell her not to give us formula milk since I still have enough supply of breastmilk.

Then, she asked her assistant if everything is already set, the assistant said "yes, doc!", while I said "Doc, ako po hindi pa ready! kinakabahan tlga ko!"  (in English, "Doc, I am not yet ready. I am really nervous!")  She even joked if "tita sol, tawag ka nga sa ER sabihn mo dala sila ng stretcher kze baka himatayin c mommy liv, buti na ung may sasalo kze d natin xa masasalo kung hawak mo c jabe at ako naman nag administer ng injection" (in English, "Tita Sol, call the ER and have ask them to bring a stretcher. Mommy Liv might faint. Better to have someone to catch her if she faints because we can't catch her if you are holding Jabe and I am administering the vaccine". And I just laughed. The assistant held Jabe's legs while I held his arms and placed my face near his face, so that he will not cry a lot. When the vaccine was being administered, he cried, but as soon as the needle was taken out, I carried him and he stopped crying. He was just looking at his pedia with a very angry face, and he doesn't want her to kiss him. 

And that was Vaccine Saturday! I am afraid but for mi angel Jabe I will be strong! 

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First Post For 2012

And here I am, trying my best to write my first post for 2012. I have neglected this blog for the past 2 or 3 weeks. What kept me busy? Of course, there's Christmas, New Year, Gatherings, Work, Laundry :) and the most important reason that kept me busy JABE!

What to write? I have nothing really specific in mind. I am not used to writing or creating any New Year's Resolution because I usually forget about it a day or two after I create it so I would not be writing about that.

Hmmmm...and my mind went blank...... as I have been writing and spinning articles for my clients for the past 2 days.

Maybe I'll just write the things that I am looking forward to this year

  • new niece or nephew, yey! Jabe is already a Kuya!
  • JABE's 1st birthday!
  • JABE's 1st birthday party. (triple celeb with Jalysa's 12th birthday & Ayie's 31st birthday!)
  • Jabe in a kiddie class, thinking of enrolling him at KinderMuzik or MuzikGarten, Gymboree and Aqualogico
  • enroll myself in a Barre3, yoga, zumba or pilates class. I really need this one!
  • hopefully transfer to a new house, keepin' my fingers crossed
  • more travels this year (need to travel before i get pregnant again!)
  • revamp of my lcoreph.com site and my blog/s :)
Those were just a few things I can think of right now. I know there are more but can't seem to remember them. I'll just maybe update this list from time to time :)

So, stay tuned for more in the coming days, weeks, or even months! :)

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