Dream Family Getaway

We love traveling and seeing different places. Now that we already have Jabe, we wanted to be able to travel and explore different places more so that Jabe can be able to see the world. Probably one of my dream family getaway is Orlando, Florida! And I would definitely love to go to Disney World. If given the chance, it would all be our first time to visit not just Disney World and Florida but as well the United States.

This dream, I know will soon come true. But for some, who are also dreaming to go there and that dream is already within reach, have you already tried to plan your itinerary and also look for the best accommodation in the area? For your itinerary, some of the things you might to visit are Lego Land (hubby would definitely love this!),  Discovery Cove, Busch Garden, the Old Town, the Wonderworks, and so much more..

For accommodation, vacation packages and hotel deals for families from different Orlando Hotels are now being offered through the internet through Orlandoescape.com. Visit their site for the best deals ever or like their Facebook page to get updated on their latest offerings and also get to know the best things to do in Orlando!

Happy planning and I do hope that you will enjoy your vacation, coz I am sure that whenever that dream of mine is already a reality, we would be having one hell of a vacation!

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One Response to “Dream Family Getaway”

  1. Nice post! Plus it's the best thing you can give yourself being a busy mommy and wife.. A long vacation to that place you've been wanting to visit! :)


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