Driver's License Renewal

My driver's license expiration date was last 18 December 2011. But due to a jampacked schedule for the holidays I have to delay my application for renewal.

Last 17 January, a day it will celebrate its first month of expiration, Ayie accompanied me to have it renewed. Instead of going to the LTO Offices where all transactions are being processed, we went to the LTO Drivers License Renewal Center located at SM Hypermart in Tiendesitas. There are two rooms: one is the renewal center and the other room is for the drug testing center.

Things to bring when renewing your license:

  1.  Old / Expired Driver's License
  2. OR (Official Receipt) of your Expired Driver's License (sometimes they ask for this one)
  3. Ballpen - you will be filling up a lot of forms, so have with you instead of looking or buying a new one.
  4. Cash - bring enough around Php 1500 

Steps for Drivers License Renewal

Step 1 - Show your old / expired Drivers License at the Window 1 of the Renewal Center.
The staff wil give you an application form that you need to fill up

Step 2a - Give your filled-up application form together with your old / expired license at the Window 1 of the Drug Testing Center

Step 2b - Pay the drug test fee
      Urine Test              --  Php 300.00
      Medical Check up --  Php 100.00

Step 2c - After paying you will be given another form to fill up.It is the drug test consent form. Fill this up again and submit it to Window 2 of the Drug Testing Center
You will be asked to write your name and the current date on two separate strips of masking tape. You will be given a bottle for your pee. Reminder: you need to make sure that it is full. Drink lots of water prior to going to the renewal center so you will have the urge to pee in time for this test
Submit the bottle to Window 2 and wait for your name to be called.

Step 2d - Your name will be called the photo capturing and fingerprint scanning.

Step 2e - Last step for the medical and drug test would be, they would take your blood pressure, eye test, and check your weight. I didn't took the eye test since I told them I am wearing contact lenses and prescription glasses every time I drive.

Step 2f - Wait for your documents which would consist of the Application Form, Old Driver's License and the Medical / Drug Test Result

Step 3 - Submit the documents to Window 1 of the Renewal Center and wait for your name to be called.

Step 4 - Photo Capturing
If your name is called for the photo and signature capturing, proceed to Window 2. That only means that you don't have any apprehension records, and you name is clean. If they found an apprehension record, your name will be called back at Window 1, and you will be told to proceed to LTO Main Office or MMDA Office, I think.

Step 5 - Payment
Wait for your name to be called again while they process your drivers license. Breakdown of fees based on what I paid (almost a month of expiration)
     License Fee    - Php 350.00
     Penalty Fee     - Php    75.00
     Computer Fee - Php 67.63

Step 6 - Wait for you Driver's License
Your name will be called and they will give you your Drivers License and the Original Receipt.

It took me less than 30 minutes to renew my license. Good thing there are already Renewal Centers, if not, one would have to wait for more than an hour renewing a license at the LTO Office.

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2 Responses to “Driver's License Renewal”

  1. Akala ko nagka problem ka pa. Dito sa Main LTO, before anything else you should take your drug test first before going to window 1. Because one of the requirements in window 1 is the drug test result.

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