Vaccine Saturday

I can not forget the Saturday when I was the one who held Jabe during his monthly vaccination.

Last Saturday, 14th of January was Jabe's schedule for his 3rd dose of HepB vaccine. Unfortunately, his father has to go to Bicol for a business trip the day before and will only be back afternoon of Saturday. We usually schedule Jabe's check-ups and vaccinations on a Saturday so that Ayie will be there with us. But since I don't want Jabe to miss his scheduled vaccine and check-up, I decided to just go and bring Jabe to his pedia alone. I was already set to commute from Pasig to Manila. Good thing, my mom told me that they will just pick us up and drop us at the hospital since they will be going to Quiapo early in the morning.

We arrived at the hospital around 9am. Went to Dra Morales' clinic at the 2nd floor of Manila Doctors, gave Jabe's baby book to her assistant. Jabe was weighed and he only gained 0.2 kg, minimal gain, and that is is lowest weight gain so far, but I was told it was because he might be totally active these days, Well, he is!! . . .His length was measured, and he got taller by 2 cm hahaha! At least, it was 2cm as compared to the previous month of 1 cm! :) . . . We were told that we are number 1 yey! third time number 1!

But since the pedia always does her rounds first before going to her clinic, we had to wait for 10am. I decided to have breakfast at a nearby restaurant. I ordered spaghetti carbonara and small coke for me, and squash soup for Jabe. Jabe and I still have an hour so I ate leisurely. We went back to the hospital at exactly 10am, the pedia is not yet done with her rounds so we are not late. We still have to wait for 30 more minutes :( Jabe already fell asleep waiting.

While waiting, my heart was really beating so fast. I am totally nervous. I am afraid of needles, of injections! This is the first time that I would be the one with Jabe while the vaccine is being administered, as I usually stay at the back and let Ayie hold him. We were then called, this is it!! The usual drill, asked how was Jabe, if he is eating a lot, if he is active, if he can already stand and sit by himself while holding on to something, if Jabe is already trying to stand alone, if he is trying to walk. Scheduled the next monthly check-up on February 11 and jabe will be given MMR.  Jabe's pedia is a breastfeeding advocate so she is really happy everytime I tell her not to give us formula milk since I still have enough supply of breastmilk.

Then, she asked her assistant if everything is already set, the assistant said "yes, doc!", while I said "Doc, ako po hindi pa ready! kinakabahan tlga ko!"  (in English, "Doc, I am not yet ready. I am really nervous!")  She even joked if "tita sol, tawag ka nga sa ER sabihn mo dala sila ng stretcher kze baka himatayin c mommy liv, buti na ung may sasalo kze d natin xa masasalo kung hawak mo c jabe at ako naman nag administer ng injection" (in English, "Tita Sol, call the ER and have ask them to bring a stretcher. Mommy Liv might faint. Better to have someone to catch her if she faints because we can't catch her if you are holding Jabe and I am administering the vaccine". And I just laughed. The assistant held Jabe's legs while I held his arms and placed my face near his face, so that he will not cry a lot. When the vaccine was being administered, he cried, but as soon as the needle was taken out, I carried him and he stopped crying. He was just looking at his pedia with a very angry face, and he doesn't want her to kiss him. 

And that was Vaccine Saturday! I am afraid but for mi angel Jabe I will be strong! 

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