Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel Experience - Part 1

This is a one week overdue post :(

For the past year, my only indulgence was to check-in in a hotel, spend the night and relax. In celebration of our second civil wedding anniversary last January 18 which is a Wednesday, we decided to check-in at the Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel last weekend 14-15 January 2012.

We chose Manila Pavilion Hotel for several reasons.
- 1st, Jabe's vaccination and monthly check-up at Manila Doctor's Hospital was scheduled last January 14 and the hotel is beside the hospital
- 2nd, Sto Nino Fiesta at Pandacan was last January 15 - a few minutes drive from the hotel
- 3rd, it is Waterfront, and Waterfront hotels has an excellent reputation

- 4th, they have a 7-days advance booking promo

I booked a room, Superior King with breakfast, online last January 6. It was a hassle-free transaction as I got the confirmation right away. A day before our check-in date, January 13, I sent an email (using Ayie's email at name) to the hotel requesting that they accommodate me and Jabe in checking-in since Ayie would be arriving late. Response was really fast that they have noted my request. So, I printed the confirmation email as well as the request. That night, while packing out things, I decided to check and read some reviews about the hotel, and to my disgust, there are tons of bad reviews.

To name a few: ( I got these reviews from TripAdvisor.com )

2 of 5 stars Reviewed December 28, 2011

This hotel is convenient for guests who are planning to gamble all night long and will need to rest just for a short time. The rooms are outdated and the bathrooms are not that clean. The shower head had a limey green stuff around it and water doesn't go down in the tub when you take a shower. The TV wasn't working and the insulation around the room is terrible that you can hear conversations of your neighbors pretty well. Our comforter had dried stain on it. Our stay wasn't pleasant at all that we had to check out first thing the next morning.
This hotel needs renovation. It's location is good and it could attract more guests if it's kept clean and maintained well. 

1 of 5 stars Reviewed December 19, 2011

".....we arrived at a not so late time of 1230 pm for lunch, and most food items have already been depleted. Hoping for replenishments is a futile exercise as replenishments never came and if it did then it came towards the end of the buffet service.

The grill items ran out of stock, the plates near the grill station were empty. the roast which was roast pig again was already bones (even the eyes were gouged out already). My companion ordered a grilled item and it came to our table when we were having dessert......"

2 of 5 stars Reviewed December 4, 2011
"I stayed there for three nights and was disappointed with the condition of the bathroom and the carpeted floors. There was mold on the bathroom tiles and stains on the carpet as well as the bedspread........."

2 of 5 stars Reviewed November 14, 2011 
"......once you get to the floor where your room is situated this all changes. The floor carpets in the hallway are dirty. The room carpet is dirty. The TV is so old I was looking for a rotating channel nob. The interior smells musty. The bathroom is dim and dirty. Towels are tiny and sparse. The bed felt like a slab of lightly cushioned plywood covered with a sheet. ...."
You may be wondering, "Why on earth is Liv copying and stating these bad reviews?" . . . Read on my next post to know the reason why.

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