Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel Experience - Part 2

In continuation with my first post, Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel Experience - Part 1

and as a response to the question "Why on earth is Liv copying and stating these bad reviews?"

Same with all hotels, check-in time is 2:00pm, since we already done with Jabe's check-up and vaccination before 12noon, I decided to go to Robinson's Ermita to buy some stuff we need for our Bolinao trip the following week (which I hope I could make a blog post!). 

Around 2:00pm, Jabe and I went to the hotel. We were greeted nicely at the front door. We went straight to the Reception area where there were 3 hotel staff (2 females and 1 male), the male and one female was talking to different clients, the other one was not doing anything, but what she did was just look at me and did nothing. I told her that I am going to check-in and she ignored me as if I wasn't there. Jabe was already fussy at the time because he was already sleepy so I just let the bad treatment pass and just wait. When the male staff was done with the guest he was attending to, he asked me what I need. I told him that I am there to check-in and I do have a reservation. I gave the email print-out. He asked if my husband is around since the room is under his name, I told the staff that we have requested the hotel to accommodate me and Jabe since Ayie will be arriving late in the afternoon, and told him that the email had that request. He then told me to tell Ayie to stop by the reception area as soon as he arrive for credit card verification. Then, he checked for an available room.

Our reservation is Superior King, so that was what I am expecting to get, but he told me that there is no more Superior King room available that day, and asked me if it is fine with me that he will transfer me to a Superior Twin or Superior Queen, which is a downgrade from my reservation. I can't understand why accept my reservation if they won't be having one at that day especially when I arrive early. I'm already getting pissed but told myself to calm down. I told him that Twin is not fine as I have my baby with me and he might fall if I get a smaller bed. Jabe was already sleeping on my shoulders (I am carrying him the whole time!) while we talk, and since I am tired and a bit irritated, I told him I'll just get the Superior Queen. He typed something in his computer and said "Ay wala na rin pala", then I told him "What?", and he said "Ma'am, wait I'll just find one for you". It took him around 15-20 minutes, I don't know if he is typing or looking for a room or simply staring at the computer screen. 20 minutes, he finally gave me a keycard, Room 1803. I then told him I don't need a bellboy to assist me since I don't have much things with me as I only have Jabe's diaper bag and some items that I bought at the mall.

With Jabe asleep, I proceeded to the elevator, pushed 18, and finally the elevator door opened on the 18th floor.....

and continuation will be on my next post

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