Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel Experience - Part 3

Continuing with my previous post, Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel Experience - Part 2

With Jabe asleep, I proceeded to the elevator, pushed 18, and finally the elevator door opened on the 18th floor. Carpeting was really bad, it was already old and gray in color. The hallway was a bit dark and smelled old, maybe because of the carpets. 

We reached room 1803, opened the door and was greeted with a very bad odor! The room was really shabby, old, outdated, smells bad. Same with the bathroom which has mildews, molds, and a rusty faucet and shower head. The television was a very old TV. Bedsheet has stains and doesn't smell good. Bath towels are thin and colored dirty white. No bathrobe. No complimentary slippers. Airconditioning was not working. Lampshades, chair, TV rack are really really old, seems like if you someone tries to hold them, they would just fall apart. I put Jabe down on the bed, good thing I have brought a mini blanket with me that I had to place on the bed before letting Jabe lie down. I called Ayie to let him know that we are already at the room, and told him that it's ok but I am not happy with it. After talking to him, Jabe woke up and was his usual bubbly self and didn't mind the bad odor, he's just happy he's not home and he is in a different place. I sent a text message to Ayie to tell him to ask for a room transfer as soon as he arrives. We stayed for 10 more minutes, but I really can't stand the smell and the look of the room, I feel like I am not in a 4-star hotel, 1-star hotels or even transient rooms are way better than the room we are in. It's like you just entered a warp zone the moment you stepped out of the elevator and most of all entered the room. I called the reception and asked to be transferred because the smell is really getting to me, and the smell might cause an asthma attack. I was told to wait for 30 minutes so they can have the other room to be cleaned.

I can't take the smell and decided that we'll just wait at the lobby. I returned the keycard and told them we'll stay at the lobby while waiting. A bellboy approached me, told me that he already have the keycard for our replacement room and he'll accompany us upstairs. I told him that I was really frustrated with the room they gave us, that it doesn't measure to a 4-star hotel and also to Waterfront Cebu. He was friendly (named Jaypee) and we were chatting until we reached the 19th floor. Room was 1905. On the way to the room, we saw two old Japanese guys, we walked pass through them until we reach room 1905. Jaypee, the bellboy, slid the keycard, opened the door and was surprised to what he saw inside the room, told me not to come in, and said "Ma'm, may gamit na, may tao na ata, may naka-chek-in na dito". And immediately, one of the Japanese guys approached us and said something in Japanese, I can't understand anything but based on his reactions, I assumed he was the one who is checked-in at that room. I just told him, "sorry, the reception gave us a wrong keycard". We went back at the lobby, I told Jaypee that I am really pissed and to handle it, I don't want to get totally mad infront of Jabe. He apologized for the mix up and I told him it is not your fault. 

The receptionist saw me, Jaypee told him what had just happened, and they just stared blank, and didn't even apologized to me. Arrgghh....good thing I am not in the mood for a confrontation, most especially if Jabe is with me. After 10 minutes, Jaypee told me that the new room is ready. He said that he asked for an upgrade from Superior to Deluxe King in exchange of all the hassle that they have given us. It was granted and we were given Room 1436.

Room 1436............

and continuation will be on my next post

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