Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel Experience - Part 4

Continuation and last part, Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel Experience - Part 3

14th Floor is much better as compared to the 18th and 19th floor, its much newer. Room 1436 is also much better as compared to Room 1803. King size bed, bedsheet is newer and no stains, TV was LCD, carpeting is not that old, bathroom does not have mildews, molds and rust, bath towels are white, there was a bathrobe, slippers, refrigerator is working, airconditioning is a lot better, curtains and carpets are fine though dusty. I settled for this one. Jabe was rolling and rolling at the bed until he got tired and fell asleep.

Ayie arrived around 6pm. He took a shower, and we left to go to Robinson's to buy Jabe a life vest.

Bathtub drain is not working properly :( it took ages before the water is fully drained.

Breakfast was included in the package. It is at the Seasons Cafe at the ground floor. Breakfast is served from 6:00am up to 9:00am. With our experience from other hotels, food during breakfast buffet are complete until the end of breakfast time. We woke up around 7:00am, got dressed, went downstairs around 7:30am. We were greeted by the staff and was ushered to a non-smoking area. We asked for a high-chair for Jabe which was immediately given to us. 

Ayie told me to get food first. I looked through the buffet area. Looked at the different food. They have an area full of bread and pastries, soup (mami and congee), salad bar, fruits, cereals, japanese maki and sushi, rice (plain and garlic rice), chicken, beef, pork, egg station. As my usual routine, I always start with soup and salad, but since I don't like mami or congee, I went to the salad bar. Salad bar with no green vegetables such as lettuce, they only have corn kernels, bacon bits, eggs, coleslaw, etc. Salad dressing is also empty. I just told myself to get a bread, cheese, and butter for me and hard-boiled egg for Jabe. 

Jabe had egg yolk (hard boiled), and I ate my bread, butter and cheese, while Ayie went to get his food. He came back with just a cup of rice and I think, a piece of chicken. With a frown on his face told me that there is no more food. I told him to wait maybe they will refill the food. We then asked for hot tea, and they gave us a very cold tea :( . We just get an orange juice which was not cold, we had to ask for a glass of ice. We ate and decided to see if there were food that has already been refilled. Ayie got his wish because there were tons of deep-fried bacon, I didn't have my wish granted because the salad was not replenished at all. While eating, Ayie asked for water from the waiter, around 10 minutes had passed and our drinking water has not yet arrived. He asked for the second time, still no water. The third time, no water. The fourth time, finally!! 

We went back to our room, took a shower, fix our things so we can check-out early. Jabe went back to sleep after taking a bath. I made use of his sleeping time to fix our things. As soon as he woke up, we asked for an assistance to get our things as we are ready to check-out. Bellboy arrived in less than 10 minutes.

Ayie went to the reception area to pay for our room fee. Room was worth Php 3,450 with the breakfast. Bellboy and valet guy assisted us, they placed our things inside the car.  And off we went to Pandacan Fiesta.

In conclusion, based on our experience, I am not recommending this hotel. 

If only they would totally renovate the entire hotel, teach their staff not to discriminate locals from foreign tourists, give excellent service, it would be a great hotel because of its location.
If you are looking for a hotel within this area, consider the following:
-- If your hotel budget per night is 3,500 pesos and below, book at the nearby City Garden Hotel, it may be a 3-star hotel but service, room, and breakfast is way better than Manila Pavilion. Booked and stayed here for 3 days and 2 nights last July 2011
-- If you have a higher budget or want a hotel with a casino, go for Hyatt Hotel Manila.
Waterfront Manila Pavilion is unlike the other Waterfront hotels, it does not boast of the grandeur, the elegance, the fine accommodation, the friendly staff, the great service, the great food that a 4-star, 1st class hotel is expected to have.

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