February 2012

Blogging: I missed you!

Looking at my posts. I have been gone for exactly 27 days! That is really long!

It had been a crazy 27 days. But the best part was we were able to transfer to a new house. It was a goodbye condo, and hello house month for us.

Contrary to what other people thought, we are only renting the house. How I wish I could already afford to buy a new house, and that is one of my goals in the next 4 or 5 years.

The house is merely 5 minutes from Ayie's office (that is without traffic), meaning, he gets to spend more time with Jabe in the morning.

The house has 2 upstairs bedroom, the masters with its own bathroom. yey! The other one will be converted to Jabe and Auntie Jalysa's bedroom, as well as a temporary guest room.

Ground floor, has the the living and dining room, the kitchen, the dirty kitchen and another bathroom. There is a basement, with one more room that would soon be converted to an entertainment area, that is if depending on the availability of funds, and also the parking/laundry area is at the basement.

The house, as they said (for those who have already visited us!), is big enough for the three of us. Well, I said, that is good! We can now invite friends and families over for dinner or get together or something. Jabe has a bigger space to crawl, walk and explore.

In the works for the house, entertainment room, my mini-garden, the guest room and the kitchen. The kitchen needs a wonderful gas range with oven :) . . .AND also, I have not yet finished unpacking things. We still have a few (?) things at the condo that needs to be transferred here.

Am I rambling? I just type what comes to mind :) Sorry for that. Anyways, I am now back to blogging. Hopefully, I can update this again everyday :)

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