March 2012

RCBC Account Suspended - Phishing Email

This morning, i received an email with the RCBC Account Suspended. I think this is not the first time that I have received an email like this one. I have received one from RCBC, Metrobank, Unionbank, Chinabank, and Standard Chartered once a month. I always mark it as spam or just delete it. Why? Because I don't have an account on these banks except for Chinabank.

These are just phishing emails that would ask you to clink on a link to "activate" your account.

Phishing emails are usually sent generic and  not personalized. It will not have your name title (Mr / Ms / Mrs / etc) or even your name . Looking at the photo above, it only said "Dear Customer"

As for the link, the link posted is

But if I hover my mouse on it, it will point to this URL

Never click these links. Just delete the email.

As posted at the RCBC website (

Please be warned of Phishing attacks presently being lodged against Philippine banks by foreign syndicates.
Such attacks are perpetrated by unscrupulous groups (called "phishers" / "scammers") who randomly send bank clients an email message asking for their User IDs, Log-in and Transaction Passwords and claiming that this is for the purpose of ensuring their continued use of the bank's internet banking facility (in RCBC's case, RCBC AccessOne). Please be informed that these messages are fictitious, fabricated and are only meant to mislead you into allowing these phishers to steal your online financial identity and then illegally transact on your behalf.

Falling for this ploy could also allow these "syndicates" to steal your money.

Given this scenario, RCBC would like to remind you to NEVER trust or click on any link sent via e-mail or SMS if it requests for any personal information. RCBC WILL NEVER ask customers to provide these confidential information through email. Do not click on links provided in emails. Instead, type the bank's website ( directly into your browser's address bar.

Please ensure that you use your User ID and Passwords ONLY when transacting directly to RCBC AccessOne.

Likewise, please be reminded that as stipulated in the Terms and Conditions you signed for RCBC AccessOne, the bank will NOT take responsibility for whatever losses you may incur in case of incident accessing bogus / unsecured websites.

Should you receive a suspicious "phishing" email, please report this immediately and email or call 877 RCBC (877-7222)

Thank you.

Cloth Diaper Myth #5 and # 6

#5 Cloth Diapering Myth -- Cloth Diapers are Worse for the Environment than Disposables

 OK, here’s the daddy myth of them all – people are saying that cloth diapers are bad for the environment!  Oooh, this myth just eats us up inside.
Let’s talk common sense here.
Is it better to reuse something or throw it away?
We’re pretty sure you’ll say, “Reuse” – so dispelling this myth is a no-brainer.
Here’s how reusing cloth diapers is better environment:
  • Raw materials, packaging and shipping resources are only needed once to manufacture cloth diapers.
    • Disposable diapers are in constant use of our Earth’s precious resources and it's not like they're recyclable either.
  • There are no plastic trash bags full of icky diapers when you cloth diaper.
    • Our disposable-using friends wrap their stinky diapers in small plastic bags and then in a larger plastic bag. These stink bombs will never decompose!
  • Cloth diapers create no trash.
    • Disposables create plenty of trash, filling up the trash trucks, which require more energy to haul away and process.
  • You wash your clothes and dishes rather than toss them – why should your diapers be any different? The water used to wash your diapers is nothing compared to the energy, resources and water it takes to manufacturer disposable diapers over and over again. It just makes sense.
    • Disposable using mamas think cloth diapering mamas use more water and use that excuse to justify their daily diaper waste.
Reuse. Don’t waste. We’ll all be better off!

#6 Cloth Diapering Myth -- Daycares Don't Allow Them

Most moms assume their daycares won’t let them cloth diaper, but few moms have ever asked or tried. We suggest you talk to your daycare provider about it before making any decisions.
We put together a little daycare cheat sheet for you too, showcasing 5 tips to encouraging your daycare provider to use cloth diapers.

Tip 1: Demonstrate Cloth Diapering – many providers have never seen a FuzziBunz before!
Tip 2: Recommend a Trial Period – trying is better than committing long-term to something, so your provider will likely be more open to trying it first.
Tip 3: Know the Law – know your rights so you can inform your provider, who may not know.
Tip 4: Let Them Know What’s In It for Them – cloth diapers bring about a greener and less wasteful environment. That is something they can use to better market their center!
Tip 5: Shop Around – there are plenty of daycares out there willing to work with cloth diapers. If one isn’t willing to listen, move on!

Cloth Dipaer Myth # 3 and # 4

#3 Cloth Diapering Myth -- My Husband won't Cloth Diaper

Dads are very capable of cloth diapering. That’s why we know any woman who says her husband won’t use cloth diapers is the woman who never tried to get her husband on board in the first place. It may simply be an excuse for her not wanting to cloth diaper herself.

Think about it – us moms rule the roost (at least we think we do), right? What mom wants and what makes mom happy is generally what makes everyone in the house happy.

If mom wants to cloth diaper baby and she is willing to spend the time to get her husband on board, then this myth of “my husband won’t cloth diaper” would easily be put to bed.

#4 Cloth Diapering Myth -- Cloth Diapers are Ugly and Bulky

Okay, you got us on the bulky part. Cloth diapers are little more bulky than disposable diapers in order for them to absorb. But isn’t that bulkiness better than what disposable diapers use? They use a cocktail of chemicals to keep their diapers slim and trim. We use good old fashioned cloth.
On another note, cloth diapers are anything but ugly these days. In the past, pre-folds and plastic pants were ugly. FuzziBunz changed that. Our diapers come in Kumquat, Choco Truffle, Crushed Berries, and Apple Green. Ugly or cute? You be the judge.

Now combine these colorful and fluffy bums – surely you’ll have the baby with the cutest tush on the block and you’ll be the envy of your playgroup!

Cloth Diaper Myth # 1 and # 2

Below are Cloth Diapering Myth I received in my email from FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers.

#1 Cloth Diapering Myth -- Cloth diapers are a lot of work!

It’s not uncommon for busy moms to say they can’t imagine cloth diapering because there’s so much work involved. These moms are sorely mistaken. Cloth diapers are actually pretty easy to use – especially modern cloth diapers like FuzziBunz.
Let’s go through some common questions surrounding this myth:
  • Are cloth diapers convenient?  Yes! No midnight trips to the store because you’ve run out of diapers. No storing bags of stinky diapers until trash day. No hauling out heavy loads of trash to the curb either. Everything you need to diaper your baby is in your house – where it should be! 
  • Are cloth diapers hard to wash?  No! In the olden days cloth diapers would require soaking and swirling. Ick! Today’s diapers are washed in a washing machine. Easy breezy. 
  • What do you do with the poop?  If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me what to do with the poop, I’d be rich! Liquid poop washes off the diaper in the washing machine. Solid poop gets plopped in the toilet before washing. Solid mushy poop can be rinsed off over your toilet with a diaper sprayer contraption before washing. Done. 
  • Are cloth diapers hard to get on and off baby? No! Durable snaps closures enable you to easily put on and take off the diaper. They work just like disposable diapers.

#2 Cloth Diapering Myth - - Cloth Diapers are Expensive

So let’s get right to the facts and dispel this ugly myth that cloth diapers are expensive once and for all!
Cloth diapers only cost you a few hundred dollars upfront; however, they save you thousands over the next three or more years. Your savings more than doubles if you use FuzziBunz diapers for additional babies as your family grows.
  • How much do cloth diapers really cost?  The average modern cloth diaper costs you about $20.  If you bought 15-20 diapers, you’d spend $300-$400. 
  • How much do disposable diapers cost?  The average baby will go through 8-10 diaper changes per day. Each diaper costs about $.28. At this rate, you will spend $69.60-$84 per month for an average of 2.5 years. After 2.5 years, you’ll have spent $2,088-$2,520.
All the other diapering costs would likely be a wash. Wipes and a diaper pail are needed for both diaper types. Something like the cost of diaper creams needed when using disposables will cancel out the costs associated with the small amount of detergent required for cloth diapers.
If you do the math, you’ll see this myth is just a myth.

I will posting the other myths in my next posts.

(I have asked permission to share this information)

Odesk Milestone: 11,000 Working Hours

December 5, 2011, when I made a blog post about an Odesk Milestone of 10,000 Working Hours. (see post my post Odesk Milestone: 10,000 Working Hours). That time, my goal was to reach 12,000 personal working hours by December 2012. Neither did I expect that this goal is something I could reach even before December 2012. .


Simply because, exactly 3 months and 5 days since my post last December, I already have a total of 11,013 personal working hours. In just, three months of working, I achieved 11,000, which only means I can reach my goal of 12K in 2012, by June or July maybe and even more by December 2012.


This number of hours would not have been possible to all my clients, new and old, who have put their trust on me. I am totally grateful to them for all the work they given me. And, of course, I am so happy and grateful for all the blessings that God has been showering me and my family for the past years and months. hmmm...I think I have already said this in my last post hehe . . .

Interested to earn and work at home? You can drop me a line if you have any queries, and I'd be glad to help you. Join Odesk now!

Modern Lightings

Perspectives Coupe from Fine Art Lamps 731650FL in Antique Brass, GoldsWe recently transferred to a new house, it is rented, and we can only make minimal renovation to it. We can't really make it into something like our dream home. But, one thing we can do and make it look good without doing the need of installing permanent fixtures would be to make use of Contemporary Wall Lights, like those that I have seen at the Modern Lighting Website. I really like the Perspectives Coupe to be placed at the wall beside the stairs. When lighted, I am pretty sure that the stairs area would really look beautiful.

Currey & Co. Hepburn Table Lamp In Antique Brass/Black - 6145Mirano Table Lamp from Trans Globe Lighting MDN-138 in Polished Chrome/Nickel

Apart from the Wall Lights, their modern table lights are perfect on the bed side table but as well as at the living room. I specifically like the Currey & Co. Hepburn Table Lamp in Antique Brass/Black because of its modern style shape, perfect for the living room and I am sure my visitors would love to it as well. The Mirano Table Lamp from Trans Globe can also be used at the living room and be used as a table centerpiece.

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