Cloth Diaper Myth # 1 and # 2

Below are Cloth Diapering Myth I received in my email from FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers.

#1 Cloth Diapering Myth -- Cloth diapers are a lot of work!

It’s not uncommon for busy moms to say they can’t imagine cloth diapering because there’s so much work involved. These moms are sorely mistaken. Cloth diapers are actually pretty easy to use – especially modern cloth diapers like FuzziBunz.
Let’s go through some common questions surrounding this myth:
  • Are cloth diapers convenient?  Yes! No midnight trips to the store because you’ve run out of diapers. No storing bags of stinky diapers until trash day. No hauling out heavy loads of trash to the curb either. Everything you need to diaper your baby is in your house – where it should be! 
  • Are cloth diapers hard to wash?  No! In the olden days cloth diapers would require soaking and swirling. Ick! Today’s diapers are washed in a washing machine. Easy breezy. 
  • What do you do with the poop?  If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me what to do with the poop, I’d be rich! Liquid poop washes off the diaper in the washing machine. Solid poop gets plopped in the toilet before washing. Solid mushy poop can be rinsed off over your toilet with a diaper sprayer contraption before washing. Done. 
  • Are cloth diapers hard to get on and off baby? No! Durable snaps closures enable you to easily put on and take off the diaper. They work just like disposable diapers.

#2 Cloth Diapering Myth - - Cloth Diapers are Expensive

So let’s get right to the facts and dispel this ugly myth that cloth diapers are expensive once and for all!
Cloth diapers only cost you a few hundred dollars upfront; however, they save you thousands over the next three or more years. Your savings more than doubles if you use FuzziBunz diapers for additional babies as your family grows.
  • How much do cloth diapers really cost?  The average modern cloth diaper costs you about $20.  If you bought 15-20 diapers, you’d spend $300-$400. 
  • How much do disposable diapers cost?  The average baby will go through 8-10 diaper changes per day. Each diaper costs about $.28. At this rate, you will spend $69.60-$84 per month for an average of 2.5 years. After 2.5 years, you’ll have spent $2,088-$2,520.
All the other diapering costs would likely be a wash. Wipes and a diaper pail are needed for both diaper types. Something like the cost of diaper creams needed when using disposables will cancel out the costs associated with the small amount of detergent required for cloth diapers.
If you do the math, you’ll see this myth is just a myth.

I will posting the other myths in my next posts.

(I have asked permission to share this information)

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