Cloth Diaper Myth #5 and # 6

#5 Cloth Diapering Myth -- Cloth Diapers are Worse for the Environment than Disposables

 OK, here’s the daddy myth of them all – people are saying that cloth diapers are bad for the environment!  Oooh, this myth just eats us up inside.
Let’s talk common sense here.
Is it better to reuse something or throw it away?
We’re pretty sure you’ll say, “Reuse” – so dispelling this myth is a no-brainer.
Here’s how reusing cloth diapers is better environment:
  • Raw materials, packaging and shipping resources are only needed once to manufacture cloth diapers.
    • Disposable diapers are in constant use of our Earth’s precious resources and it's not like they're recyclable either.
  • There are no plastic trash bags full of icky diapers when you cloth diaper.
    • Our disposable-using friends wrap their stinky diapers in small plastic bags and then in a larger plastic bag. These stink bombs will never decompose!
  • Cloth diapers create no trash.
    • Disposables create plenty of trash, filling up the trash trucks, which require more energy to haul away and process.
  • You wash your clothes and dishes rather than toss them – why should your diapers be any different? The water used to wash your diapers is nothing compared to the energy, resources and water it takes to manufacturer disposable diapers over and over again. It just makes sense.
    • Disposable using mamas think cloth diapering mamas use more water and use that excuse to justify their daily diaper waste.
Reuse. Don’t waste. We’ll all be better off!

#6 Cloth Diapering Myth -- Daycares Don't Allow Them

Most moms assume their daycares won’t let them cloth diaper, but few moms have ever asked or tried. We suggest you talk to your daycare provider about it before making any decisions.
We put together a little daycare cheat sheet for you too, showcasing 5 tips to encouraging your daycare provider to use cloth diapers.

Tip 1: Demonstrate Cloth Diapering – many providers have never seen a FuzziBunz before!
Tip 2: Recommend a Trial Period – trying is better than committing long-term to something, so your provider will likely be more open to trying it first.
Tip 3: Know the Law – know your rights so you can inform your provider, who may not know.
Tip 4: Let Them Know What’s In It for Them – cloth diapers bring about a greener and less wasteful environment. That is something they can use to better market their center!
Tip 5: Shop Around – there are plenty of daycares out there willing to work with cloth diapers. If one isn’t willing to listen, move on!

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