Cloth Dipaer Myth # 3 and # 4

#3 Cloth Diapering Myth -- My Husband won't Cloth Diaper

Dads are very capable of cloth diapering. That’s why we know any woman who says her husband won’t use cloth diapers is the woman who never tried to get her husband on board in the first place. It may simply be an excuse for her not wanting to cloth diaper herself.

Think about it – us moms rule the roost (at least we think we do), right? What mom wants and what makes mom happy is generally what makes everyone in the house happy.

If mom wants to cloth diaper baby and she is willing to spend the time to get her husband on board, then this myth of “my husband won’t cloth diaper” would easily be put to bed.

#4 Cloth Diapering Myth -- Cloth Diapers are Ugly and Bulky

Okay, you got us on the bulky part. Cloth diapers are little more bulky than disposable diapers in order for them to absorb. But isn’t that bulkiness better than what disposable diapers use? They use a cocktail of chemicals to keep their diapers slim and trim. We use good old fashioned cloth.
On another note, cloth diapers are anything but ugly these days. In the past, pre-folds and plastic pants were ugly. FuzziBunz changed that. Our diapers come in Kumquat, Choco Truffle, Crushed Berries, and Apple Green. Ugly or cute? You be the judge.

Now combine these colorful and fluffy bums – surely you’ll have the baby with the cutest tush on the block and you’ll be the envy of your playgroup!

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One Response to “Cloth Dipaer Myth # 3 and # 4”

  1. I could still remember when my youngest brother used cloth diaper.
    Mas tipid and mas madaling na-potty trained si kapatid ko before.. :)


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