Medela Moms Summer Seminar - How to Increase Mily Supply

For the past months, Medela Moms already had a series of seminars. They had the following:
  • First-Aid seminar / Crime Prevention / Safety Concerns Seminar and the Toddler Care Seminar last March 31
  •  Yaya Seminar on Newborn Care and Proper Breastfeeding Support last March 24
  • Breastfeeding Class and playgroups last March 3
  • Sustaining Breastfeeding Class last February 04
  • Yaya Seminar last January 28
For their past seminars, I have only attended the Breastfeeding Class and Playgroups but not the March 3 seminar, I attended the one last November. (related post Medela Moms Breastfeeding Class)

And this coming April 28, 2012, Medela Moms will be having a Summer Seminar entitled How to Increase Milk Supply (Breastfeeding Tips!). And I am planning to attend this one. I have been breastfeeding Jabe for 10 and a half months already and I plan to do it for as long as I could. Though milk supply is still great right now breastfeeding tips on how to increase it is something I am most interested to know.

So, if you are a breastfeeding mom and would like to get tips and ideas on how to increase your milk supply. Register now for this great seminar.

You can add Medela Moms in Facebook or simply send them an email or text. Below is their FB post.

Join us on April 28 at 9am at the Medela House as The Breastfeeding Club (TBC) presents their Summer Seminar on How to Increase Milk Supply (Breastfeeding Tips)!!! : ) Snacks will be provided by Ella Eats (customized treats for your family's occasions) and Mommy Treats (lactation treats!). Yum, yum : ) Keep posted for more information. To register, email us at or text us at 0917-5614366 : ) TBC membership is P500!

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