Swimming Lessons for JABE

Ever since I gave birth to Jabe, I have planned and wanted to enroll him in a swimming class for infants and toddlers. Jabe is not afraid of the water and I have proven that every time we go to a place with a swimming pool. He loves the water. So yesterday, finally! I was able to enroll him at Bert Lozada Swimming School at D'Ace Water Plaza here in Kapitolyo. He will be attending the early morning class of 9-930am which is the class for his age group.

Again, I showed him the pool area, and as soon as he saw it with all those kids having their swimming lessons, he was literally jumping for joy. Thank goodness we are only at the viewing area and the pool and the viewing area is divided by a floor to ceiling glass, or else, Jabe might have run and jumped in the water. He even cried when I told him we need to go home and he won't be starting his lessons that day. Just need to assure him that we'll be back to Ace Plaza for his lessons and I showed him his ID and documents.

Jabe's docs & ID

He'll be starting his lessons on the 7th of May. It is a thrice a week lesson, and his last day would be on the 23rd of May. Jabe would only need his swim nappies, no need for a swimming cap since he does not have much hair hehehe. . .As for me, since I will be accompanying him, I will need a swimsuit and a swimming cap.

I paid a total of  Php 4,850. The 3x a week lesson for the My Baby & Me class is worth Php 4,500. And an additional Php 350 as registration fee.

After he finish this class, if the swimming school will be offering the next level for Jabe at the Ace Plaza, I am pretty sure I will still enroll Jabe even if it means that he'll be going to swimming lessons the whole year. At least, he'll have something else to do.

For more info on Bert Lozada Swimming School rates, schedules, and locations you can visit their site at http://www.bertlozadaswimschool.com/

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2 Responses to “Swimming Lessons for JABE”

  1. Ang galing! He started young ah, pero I think that's good para walang takot sa tubig. I was planning to enroll my toddler to swimming lesson but there was a conflict in schedule. Sayang, she wants to swim pa naman.

  2. Hi Jabe,
    Great step and wish you luck. We must teach our kids to swim as swimming is great exercise to increase energy level, flexibility and acrobatic capacity. Swimming makes heart and lungs strong and strengthen back, shoulders, arms and hips muscles.


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