Jabe: The Tiny Tots Baby

We came across Tiny Tots shop at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar last November. We were so fascinated with the designs and captions in their onesies and shirts, that we bought Jabe his first three TinyTots onesie. We chose the onesies with the tuxedo design, with the “I make noise” caption, and also the “I am not pooping , I am just thinking hard” onesie.

Jabe used the tuxedo design last Christmas. The “I make noise” last New Year’s Eve. And the other one when we went shopping.
Jabe at Christmas Day wearing the Tuxedo Designed Onesie

New Year's Eve, Jabe wearing "I bring Noise" onesie
Jabe received a Tiny Tots onesie with the caption “My sexy Tita gave this shirt” given by one of his Ninangs.

Then come Expo Kid last March, we again went to Rockwell Tent to go and buy another set of Tiny Tots onesies for Jabe. This time, his dad bought him six onesies. With the following captions, “Mana sa Lolo Guapo”, “My mom and dad rocks”, “Future heartbreaker”, “Daddy and I agree: Mommy is the boss”, “ Smart like Daddy! Cute like Mommy”, and also the red tuxedo design.

TinyTots sometimes conduct online sales wherein most of the items are on a discounted rate of as much as 70%. During one of the sales, I was able to buy Jabe the following: a onesie with the caption “I’m perfect, my mom’s perfect and dad is…around here SOMEWHERE!!”, pants and a shirt with tuxedo design, a diaper pocket for me, and also bought the “Rockstar in Training” onesie for my nephew Chrian.

Jabe wearing the pants and tuxedo-designed shirt at his pre-birthday shoot
Our last purchase was during the Expo Mom event at Rockwell Tent last April, I bought 4 shirts for Jabe, with the following caption: “Handsome just like Daddy, “Daddy knows a lot, but Mommy knows everything”, “Watch out here comes trouble”, and also “Good looks run in the family, I got mine from my Lolo & Lola”, and bought also one piece of the Bandana Bib.

We are fond of statement shirts that is why we love Tiny Tots! I look forward to buying more TinyTots shirts for Jabe :)

Jabe's collection of Tiny Tots onesies and shirts
 Aside from the onesies and shirts, Tiny Tots also have different products and items that are good for moms & babies. Check out their Facebook page: Tiny Tots

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