Jabe's 11 Months Birthday Cake

May 31, 2012 at exactly 2:50 am when I gave birth to my son, Jose Ariel Benedicto Reyes-Emeterio at Manila Doctor's Hospital.

Jabe's first photo

He is our angel in disguise. Ever since he came into our lives, life has been great! Blessings were continuously pouring. We can't ask for more except for good health for Jabe.

As our way of saying thanks, we celebrate his monthly birthday through a simple celebration.I didn't let his monthly birthday pass by without buying a cake for him.

Below are the past 11 months birthday cakes of Jabe :)

1st month - Frozen Brazo de Mercedes from Muzo

2nd month - cake from Swirls N' Sprinkles

3rd month - cake from Red Ribbon
4th month - Mango Bravo cake from Contis
5th month - cake from Red Ribbon
6th month - cake from Purple Oven
7th month - sansrival cake from Red Ribbon
8th month - cake from Cab Cafe
9th month - cake from Purple Oven
10th month - cake from Cab Cafe

11th month - cake from Red Ribbon

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3 Responses to “Jabe's 11 Months Birthday Cake”

  1. What kind of cake is that you got him for his 9th month birthday?

  2. Mommy Liv, may you please send me sms on Swirl N Sprinkles' details?Super nice post!

  3. Hi Robin,

    it's is Chocolate Campfire Cake. thanks :)


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