Jabe’s First Real Encounter with Jollibee

John Dominic's cake :)
Last May 1, Jabe was invited to Dominic’s 1st Birthday, son of a a fellow AMO mom, Mommy Sherrybe. The party was held at Jollibee Makati Ave at 1pm. We arrived at the venue with Mommy Edna and her son Vince. As always, Jabe initially was in his usual poker face reaction, but eventually he was his usual self, smiling while walking/sprinting all over the place.

As with all birthdays at Jollibee, Jollibee the mascot is always the special guest. He usually dance and join in the fun. Jabe was in total awe when Jollibee arrived, most especially when he saw Jollibee dancing. The past months, he only see Jollibee the statue, but this time he saw Jollibee dancing and having fun.  
Jabe watching Jollibee dance
At first, Jabe was only looking but only after a few minutes, he wanted to walk and go to Jollibee already. Even while eating, Jabe was taking a peek as to where Jollibee was. 

Jabe trying to get Jollibee's attention
Finally, a close encounter with Jollibee

I want to thank Mommy Sherrybe and Dom for inviting us. (Jabe has no photo with the birthday boy) Jabe had so much fun! J and it was also great seeing and being with all the AMO mommies and babies.
with AMO moms, dads & babies

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