Nyumi Child Seat

Having a baby or toddler in the house requires you to have different pieces of furniture. When the baby hits 6 months and ready to be introduced to solid foods, one thing that always comes to mind (aside from food) is do you need to buy a high chair?

In my case, Jabe was introduced to solid foods as early as his second month, he learned how to sit by himself without support when he was 4 months old, he sits on a chair without support whenever we eat, so I decided that I don't need a high chair. But as days pass by, he can't seem to stay in one place for a long time, he is very fidgety, he loves to move around, making it impossible for us to feed him while sitting on an adult chair. Thus, we looked around for a high chair, to my dismay, the cheapest one I saw was around 4,000pesos, and the design and the material is not too sturdy. The best ones  ranges from 8,000 - 15,000pesos, which is way too expensive! There is also the portable seat that you can strap on the seat but also cost around 3,000pesos. High chair being a bit expensive is the reason why we didn't buy one for him. 

I decided to just buy him the Nyumi Child Seat - travel high chair. At first, I was a bit hesitant on buying it, thinking that Jabe might fall if I put him on it. But as with all baby things, adult supervision is really important.

Bought the Nyumi Child Seat at Momtrepreneur Shangri-la (or you can also order them online through their FB page).

Jabe in his Nyumi high chair

Jabe has been using his Nyumi travel high chair at home and sometimes to restaurants where high chairs are not available so I make it a point to bring it with me anywhere we go.

Its 4 ties and 2 harness makes it very safe. (again, adult supervision is still required!) It can be strapped to any type of chair, we have used it to a wooden chair, monoblock chair, tiffany chair, etc. It is easy to carry, fits in my bag. It is washable as it is made of fabric.

But the downside of this is Jabe can't reach the table top, making it impossible for him to eat by himself unless we buy him a small table that he could use while eating or ask someone to make him a wooden chair that we can just place above the adult chair and have the Nyumi travel high chair strapped on it.

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