June 2012

Rockin’ Party Supplier Feedback: Fotostyle

Photobooth is one of the most popular souvenirs in every party, whether it be a wedding, debut, baptism and birthdays. During Jabe’s baptism, I didn’t opt to get a photobooth, but this time, for his 1st Birthday Party, we decided to hire one, so the guests can have additional souvenir or remembrance apart from the memories, prizes and lootbags they will be bringing home.

We got Fotostyle. The reasons why we got them:
  1. They are the only photobooth supplier that is accredited to our chosen venue (if I get a not accredited supplier, I will be charged with electricity fee)
  2. I got to see their sample print-out during the Grand Food Tasting at Casa Camba and I can say I like the quality of the print
  3. Their packages are really affordable
  4. They are easy to transact with
I got their Package C which is worth Php6,500. This package includes the following:
  • Personalized photo layout
  • Unlimited prints in 4R for four hours (stop time is not included)
  • All prints with photo stand OR double prints <---- I chose the double prints
  • High Resolution Soft Copies in DVD CD <---- I got this one right after the party! 
  • One Onsite technician <--- they were two during the party
  • Crazy props
  • Generic PIC Me Backdrop
To block the date, I was only asked to deposit Php 1,000 pesos.

The layout they designed was patterned to the party invitation I sent them.  Though I had a little problem with this, since they only sent the layout 6 days before the party and that is after  asking for an update twice. Anyways, the layout was very neat, and just the way I wanted it.

Our guests had fun in going back and forth to the photobooth station.  
You can see the photos at their Facebook Account  ( JABE, Jalysa & Ayie )

Get in touch with Fotostyle for your photobooth needs. :) You won’t be sorry in getting them. I assure you that your guests will have a blast.

Odesk Milestone: 12,000 Working Hours

Another milestone and goal reached!

I was supposed to write a series of blog posts as supplier ratings for my son, Jabe's 1st birthday party. But I can't help but write this one first :)

Six months and eleven days since my post about my Odesk Milestone: 10,000 Working Hours (dated 05 December 2012) and also three months and six days since my post about my Odesk Milestone: 11,000 Working Hours (dated 10 March 2012). And now I am here, happily posting and sharing that I have reached my goal of 12,000 Working Hours (tracked hours only!)

Again, I am grateful
- to the trust that my clients have given me
- to all the work and tasks
- to all the seminars, tutorials, learnings
- of course, to Odesk for the opportunities!

in general, to all the blessings I have been and continuously receiving!

Next target, 13,000 Working Hours (Tracked hours through Odesk timer) by October 2012

Need my services? See my oDesk profile now and hire me!

Interested to earn and work at home? Join Odesk now!

Need help on how to start? Or want to be part of my team? Just drop me a line. :)

Simple Celebration for the Birthday Boy

Jabe turned one on May 31. It is a Thursday, and his party is scheduled on a Saturday.

We had a mini and simple celebration for his birthday.

We had cake, empanada, chicken, and of course, pancit for long life. :)

Jabe's mini celebration

the birthday boy JABE

with Auntie Jalysa, Kuya Micko, Ate Skylah & Kuya Brent

with JABE
Our birthday wish for Jabe is for him to always be healthy, to be a good, lovable and smart boy, that he knows how to respect other people, and of course for him to be a God-fearing person.

Happy Birthday to our not-so-little angel JABE :) We love you much!

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