PDI: Mommies who blog

I have been on blog hiatus for more than a year now. Last month, I decided to go back to blogging. Whew! And it took me one month to really go back.

For my comeback post, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Ms Audrey Tan-Zubiri for featuring me together with my 3 mommy friends in her article at the Philippine Daily Inquirer published last Wednesday, 17th of July, entitled Mommies Who Blog, thus also the title of my blog post.
(The online version of the article is here http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/114329/mommies-who-blog)

I was surprised when my mommy friends told me that Ms Audrey wanted to interview us. I didn't even know for what it was, but, I still decided to meet up with them. She interviewed us about our blog, our life, our mommy group (Avenue for Mommies Online). It was not really an interview, it was more of just getting to know each other. We just talked, laughed, eat, talked, laughed, eat, well you got the point.  I was so surprised that the more than 5 pages of notes that Ms Audrey got would turn out to one great article.

I share this with all the AMO Moms whom I have been friends with for almost two years, to their babies and also to the daddies as well. And of course, to my husband and to my son, who never get tired of joining the AMO family in our events and gatherings :)

I look forward to blogging more (hopefully!) about anything under the sun :)

back to blogging.

for the almost five years of this blog, i have been on and off in posting

and now i am, once again, back to blogging

i think i will have extra time in my hands now :)

but my dilemma now, is, what would be my come back post?
stay tuned . . . .

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